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Plug-In Storage® Systems, Inc. (PSSI®) designs, manufactures and distributes protective storage products. We offer a large variety of ESD safe products for the protective storage of and prevention of ESD damage to sensitive electronic components, circuit boards and magnetic media. Combine our ESD safe cabinets, dock and lock systems (computer security cabinets), carrying cases, transporters and carts into a complete system for controlling ESD events.

Most PSSI products are fully patent protected domestically and internationally.
Contact Plug-In Storage Systems, Inc for information on PSSI ESD safe products, PSSI ESD Guidelines - "Save the Boards" - and other company news.

Plug-In Storage Systems Inc.
70 Industry Drive, West Haven, CT 06516, U.S.A
Phone: 800-231-5952 - Fax : 800-532-2999

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Our Key Clients

  • FPL
  • NOAA
  • Quatar Airways
  • Tmobil
  • USAF
  • USPS
  • alltel
  • atnt
  • boeing
  • comcast
  • google
  • qualcomm
  • sprint
  • unionpacific
  • verisonwireless
  • yadtel